Anastasios Aslanis

The author in 1995

Expression has many forms, the most powerful being language. The object most desirable is always what embellishes and enriches life. The fiends of life one struggles against many times stifles this. It becomes a challenge then to bring out the good that is there in all that happens. If one is able to do this in spite of the pressures against it, then the world is better for it. The sun shines as the saying goes. It takes little effort to destroy something but a great deal to build it. I made reference to this in my novel "The Desert and the Meadow" when I described the court-martial of a war hero falsely accused as deserter during the civil War in Greece.

The struggle to be goes on, be it in the circle of the immediate environment or in the broader expanse which is the world. This is so especially for the writer. Important, therefore, besides words and their place in the sentence, is the being from which they spring. They dimension not only the characters in their story but the writer as well. The author, whether or not in the story, plays the principal role.


Anastasios Aslanis was born in Parakoila of Lesbos, in Greece. He was educated in the classical Gymnasium* of Heracleion in Crete where he spent most of his childhood. He fought in World War II and came to America following the end. He holds a B.S. degree from Michigan State University.

He was influenced greatly by the depth in his study of ancient Greece and his writing has the character which attests to this, that writing mainly is a vehicle of truth, thought, and beauty. In the unfathomed depth of all human beings there is the entity we call spirit, and the struggle for the spirit to survive against the odds is the subject-matter of his writing.

He feels greatly indebted for the support and understanding of the late Edwin Wintermute, Editor of the Michigan State University Press, who has help the author in his journey as a writer and man through the most difficult years of his life.

He has three great children, all grown up. He acquired U.S. Citizenship in 1988.
*A combination of Senior High and Junior college.

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