Anastasios Aslanis

Anastasios Aslanis in 1995

Excerpt from The Desert and the Meadow:

He could see her at the door wavng her hand in the morning. He could think of her alongside of him, walking with Ariadne in the middle. And he could see her alone, as she was this very moment, the obstacles between them hidden outside the curtain at the window. He could see the same thing with his writing, his plans, the whole country. The world was not really divided between the giants and the small. It was a huge fluid mass in which the surface simmered about the peaks of courage, faith, vision. They belonged to anyone, big or small, willing to rise above it.

"I am afraid," Stella said, "of nothing except the envy of Fate".

Excerpt from The Sand Mountain:

Aggie withdrew onto the sofa and held her chin with her finger, resuming a studious pose.

"Who cares"? she said. "Who cares if you lose the human side of you, or whatever it is? It is just plain nonsense. Who gives a damn about it?"

"I do."

"You do." It is always you that cares about being right, proper. Where has it gotten you, trying to be good?"

"It has given meaning to one thing I still have."

"What thing?"

"The future," Phillip Zervas said wishfully. "I walked to the bus depot from the lawyer's office. Cold as it was. I enjoyed walking. It gave me a chance to think about it, the future. It is all there if you don't stoop down where you'll be ashamed of yourself. It is like looking at the silver lining in spite of the rain. They have said so many things about me...the judge, the law. But it is just water. I see the silver lining. Nothing I have done is selfish, or bad. I believed in a dream, that there is another side to man, the divine. It seemed to be in this country, the side all men want to be, but can't. I paid the price so I can be a part of this world which has allowed so many to fulfill a dream. But when a judge twisted it into a cheap low act, I woke up from the dream to the reality. What I saw was ugly, very different from what I had thought. I must salvage the part of me which can still dream that there is a better world, the kind I believed in. If I lose this, then what the judge said is all that there is of me. I must always walk in the shadow of that verdict, careful not to be swallowed by it."

My Works

The Man of Confidence. A Greek POW in World War II
A story of courage, faith and hope that ends with victory in a Nazi POW camp during World war II. An account of men in the deepest hollows of hell fighting to get through the darkness a glimpse of the sun. A memoir

The Desert and the Meadow
For life to have meaning, it needs justice and truth. Justice in the sense that one finds his or her place under the sun naturally theirs, and truth the authenticity of being instead of pretending to be. Both these are in a period in history marked by war, injustice, and the abuse of power.

The novel takes the reader on a journey through the depth and height of the living experience with an intensity and passion woven into the style. Based on the authorís own experience as a former prisoner of war, the story takes us to the alienation of the post-war world in which the hero is branded as a traitor by the inscrutable liea of a former neighbor, and his country ironically turns to fascism. He is left to haunt his own existence, as an ex-POW, writer, husband and father, all the while knocking on the doors of justice that do not seem to open.

Based in part on the authorís own experience as a former prisoner of war, it reveals the authorís own search for meaning through the most far-reaching events of the century, a mirror, so-to-speak, in which society can look at itself. It falls comfortably into the niche of history, and takes us into a period of history that now offers answers to our own.

The Sand Mountain
Phillip Zervas leaves his homeland of Greece to pursue a new life on the other side of the globe. But soon after arriving in America, which he sees as the citadel of right, he learns heís been branded as a person of bad moral character and is about to be deported.

There is but one thing to do. Get married -- fast. So he does. But every time he turns around he faces another challenge. The need for catharsis from the moral condemnation goes on as he struggles to free himself from the stigma of the law. Through it all he learns about life and loveÖ..and being true to yourself. Only then does he discover he can grasp the American dream with both hands.

Meet Me at Bayside
A wall between father and child built by the fatherís absence during the formative years prevents the child from reuniting emotionally with her father. The emotions cause the child to run away, ending up in a psychiatric ward. There, the father succeeds to break down the wall by the sacrifice of his own reality to meet that of the child.

Echoes from the Dust
The author's view of life through his journey told in poems. (Unpublished)

Selected Works

Non Fiction
Justice, and how it was achieved under the most adverse of circumstances.
The author's view of life through his journey told in poems. (Unpublished)
A search for meaning through the Cold War.
Dream and reality in the pursuit of happiness.
Growing up in a man-made jungle.